About Us

At Cedar Park Electric, one of the first things you’ll realize about the differences in our company is the fact that our leadership has great experience in the process. Johnny Morris has been at the helm of Cedar Park Electric since 1996, when he founded the company. On top of that, he worked previously for union electrical organizations and other companies for decades. While his hair may be a little seasoned and grey, that just shows you that he could talk on and on about the world of electrical work. This alone should give you confidence in choosing us as your residential resource for electricians in Cedar Park TX.

In fact, we genuinely specialize in our capabilities to provide you with supreme residential work. Even many times, you’ll find that calling us first should have been your very first decision. Have you ever hired a contractor before or even an electrician that showed up late, didn’t look professional at all, or actually didn’t fulfill the work they said they would fulfill? Isn’t this really frustrating and wouldn’t they be fired if you were employing them? That’s why with Cedar Park Electric, you have no reason to worry about this with our electricians in Cedar Park TX. Mr. Morris has been around for too long to see himself make mistakes that his associates at other companies do to customers. It’s time for you to work with electricians in Cedar Park TX who actually has the determination to be there at your home to fix your problems when they say they will.

Another reason you’ll notice a great difference with Cedar Park Electric than with other electrical contractors is that Johnny is very passionate about making sure that safety is our first priority on the job. You may have heard this statement before with other contractors. It’s a common phrase to use. What’s not common is the actual implementation of the statement. It’s like saying that a company has “great customer service.” Then why do other contractor companies seem to always have a bad stigma about them? When you work with Johnny Morris and his electricians in Cedar Park TX, he will work and focus relentlessly on the task to make sure that safety is his absolutely number one priority when he’s on the job. In fact, you can take time right now to just simply give Johnny a call today at (512) 965-6789 to discuss with him how he makes sure that your safety is his first priority. I think you’ll find that the stress levels of hiring an electrician will immensely decrease when you choose our electricians in Cedar Park TX.

Some of the other reasons that you’ll hear from Johnny on that phone call for why Cedar Park Electric should be trusted the most includes…


They’re the Quickest Responders in the West!
Just like an old western gunslinger who prides himself or herself on being the fastest sharpshooter in town, that’s the kind of attitude that you’ll find when dealing with Cedar Park Electric. His can-do attitude and ability to get on the phone as fast as humanly possible and his emphasis on making sure that all communication is properly addressed with you gives you the confidence you need to hire us. From the moment you are on the phone with him, he’ll give you a little interview about what your situation is. Sure, you probably don’t know exactly what’s going on, but since he’s got decades of experience on his belt, he’ll be able to probe and figure out the exact situation, especially after taking a look at the place himself.


The Chief Electrician is Always in Town!
Whenever you hire someone else in the area who is an electrician company, you’ll often find that many of them aren’t the owner of the actual company or don’t even portray many of the “stated values” of the company. That’s gotta be pretty disappointing when the electrical company talks about providing great “customer service” and yet, the employee from the company shows up late, doesn’t really have any answers for you, and leaves without really fixing much on the job. With Johnny Morris and Cedar Park Electric, he ensures that his 40 years of experience in the field is certainly not wasted. While he does look to grow his team and employ able-bodied electricians in Cedar Park TX to help with the demands of the job, he is insistent on making sure that his employees are representing the same values and effort that he brings with every job. And if they don’t…well they’ll getting the boot!


At Your Door & At Your Service!
Have you ever faced this situation with other electricians in the Cedar Park area where they will schedule a time to come to your place between let’s say…1pm to 6pm? And on the phone you say, “Okay cool”…but deep down inside, you want to literally hang up the phone at the moment because of the ridiculousness of that scheduling logic. Don’t you just wish that a company could simply say, “Hey, we’ll see you at 1:30pm”…AND ACTUALLY BE THERE!?

That’s the exact thing that Johnny Morris gets really really frustrated about. When it comes to his service and ability to solve your genuine issues, he’ll make sure that he’s time-blocked the appropriate amount of time to be there and get the job done! Furthermore, he’s quite prompt in getting his work scheduled with our electricians in Cedar Park TX. Often times, he’ll actually get to your house on the same day or within the first 24 hours for when you called! How fantastic is that??


Problems Solved the First Time, Every Time!
In 40 years of work, Johnny Morris has seen it all. What he’s probably seen the most is actually, when a client calls for electrical work to get done, the guy comes over, and leaves the place worse than he found it. The lack of concentration and diligence these other electricians have just frustrates Johnny to the point of almost exploding. Thankfully though, he’s as calm and cool as a cucumber and uses the passion to serve you and actually fix your problems the first time. It’s important for you to get quality work done the first time and that’s why you should simply schedule your free estimate with us by calling Johnny at (512) 965-6789.