At Cedar Park Electric, we do a real good job at everything your home or office space would need when it comes to electrical work. Our electricians in Cedar Park TX specialty though is with residential electrical work. As referenced from the homepage of our website, our three main areas consist of Home Repair/Installation, Commercial Repair/Upgrades, & Remodel/New Construction. In fact, below you’ll find some more in-depth detail on some of the specifics on what we do for your residential electrical needs.


Checking Blueprints for Repairing Damage – We’ll find that many times, we can discover the main issue by referencing back to the homeowner’s blueprints. With the panel boards, outlets, circuits, wiring, and other electrical components in the home, we can commonly trace this and find the original interaction of the home there. When it comes to new home construction as well, our electricians in Cedar Park TX will often layout the installation process for wiring through an entire building in a seamless process.


Installing Telephone, Alarm, and Other Extra Electrical Systems – While most often, we’ll work to install lighting and common electrical wiring, there are other services that will need to be installed by us too. Whether it’s your telephone systems or intercoms throughout a home or office space, or with your fire/security alarm systems, we’ve certainly got the capabilities to fix up your needs. So if you recently heard about a burglary happening in your neighborhood and wanted to upgrade your home’s security system, we can certainly purchase the equipment needed and install that so the electrical works smoothly. Especially in a disaster too, when the fire alarm is absolutely essential, you’ll be grateful to work with our electricians in Cedar Park TX to make sure your systems are a go before the unpredictable happens.


Tracing the Flow of Electrical Currents Through Your System – What’s essential as well when it comes to working with your homes electrical circuitry is to be capable of tracing the connections adequately through the system. What we’ve found in many of the systems we’ve worked with is that we’ll get called to come fix up a home right? When we arrive, we realize that the situation wasn’t necessarily a little mishap, but it was at risk of failing from the beginning by the original electrician who installed the wiring initially. Through Johnny’s many years of working with electrical services, he’s found that time and time again, it’s hard to trust an electrician to come to your place and ensure that great things will happen. That’s why you hire our electricians in Cedar Park TX based on our decades of experience in the industry and satisfactory pricing.


Being the Standard for the Industry at Large – That leads onto one of the core responsibilities as well with electricians is their ability to make sure that the whole industry is represented well. Reviewing the work of their competitors and general safety standards stated in the National Electrical Code is part of the process. Because while there are a lot of bad goats in the field, the industry does its best to lay out the standard for proper electrical work. What they won’t tell you though is how to properly demonstrate great service and solid communication in the process. That’s why at Cedar Park Electric, we do our best to make sure that we as a team follow our steps to providing fantastic service and often times, by going above and beyond what the clients expect from us.


Not Just Installation, But Maintenance Too – Electricians are not only there to install new wiring, fuse boxes, or place updates to your systems, but we’re also there to provide maintenance assistance as well. In fact, that’s probably one of the most important reasons for working with electricians. Because you may have had work done by an excellent guy or girl for your home or office, but stuff happens. Storms come out of nowhere, things get broken, and leaks can get the worst places possible. That’s why probably our topic aspect of our business is to simply maintain the peaceful habitat that you call home. Plus, this ties into what I’ve previously talked about which involved the safety hazards that could come about with electrical work. That’s why a true professional like us with constantly talk about the safety is our 1st priority on the job!